Turn Sketch files into Vue.js code automatically

Built with artificial intelligence and human touch. Just upload a Sketch file and Zecoda will automatically generate the front-end code for you (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Use Zecoda to turn any Sketch file into a fully responsive web project.
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Hey PH! 👋 Founder here. As a front-end developer I turn designs into code regularly. But it’s a tedious and repetitive task. It takes time, lots of meetings and boring back and forth questions. I want to change that. So I automated this process. I trained a deep learning model to visually understand what UI elements are in the design and build the front-end boiler plate automatically for me (HTML, CSS and JS - with Vue.js components). In parallel we parse the Sketch file to get all elements’ styles. To guarantee a good service we have a human validation layer in the end of the process. This way you know you’ll receive a perfect front-end code to start your project! Hope this makes sense to you. Let me know in the comments! - John
@joaodmj Love this. I bought into Yotako.io which failed to do what it promised but your project looks considerably better. What did you make your ai with?
@danirogerc we are taking a visual approach to the problem. Our AI doesn't output code, it outputs UI elements. We are using Computer Vision to understand where the UI elements are. On the frameworks side we use Keras with TensorFlow backend. Thanks for the love! :)
@joaodmj Do you think you would be able to offer a lifetime subscription for part of your product (no developer revision of course)
This is mad 🔥. Is it gonna come to Adobe XD & Figma in the future?
@awesomeosisindu absolutely! We are working on adding different design inputs and framework inputs (such as React).
Can you share more on pricing model? Seems like it wouldn’t work for an agency who builds on vue/react as they may not get ongoing services. Seems an upfront option would scale better. Thoughts?
@tomfrazier absolutely. You are not the first to suggest that. We'll definitely iterate on the pricing model to find the best suit for our clients.
your demo pages' code quality seems quite impressive. did you hand-adjust the code?
@yaooooo Yes, every project has human validation in the end of the process
That's amazing. I'll try the Zecoda on my next projects.