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Is this only in India? "Buy Sell Bitcoins in India" - on the site
@bentossell Yes it is for Indian users as for now. The wallet can be used internationally. Its a hosted wallet linked to your mobile number and very simple to use esp for non geeks. International users can buy itunes, apple gift cards using bitcoins.
Been using this app to recharge my prepaid mobile with the only mBTCs left in my wallet. Not a fan of the app UX, but helps you transact and get things done with BTC in India.
Hi everyone, co-founder here. Zebpay's mission is to make it simple for new users to buy, sell and use bitcoins. We are India's first and biggest bitcoin exchange. Zebpay is an Android and iPhone app. Users can: - buy / sell bitcoins (India only) - top up Indian mobile numbers using bitcoins - buy gift cards - use Zebpay as a simple wallet which does not need backup and is linked to your mobile number India has a lot of catching up to do in bitcoins and we are on a mission to lead this. - Sandeep Goenka fb.com/goenkas twitter.com/goenkasandeep