ZBoard 2

Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@joshconstine did a video review on TC a few weeks ago. Is it just me or are there more tech-enabled transportation products launching lately? A few that come to mind: Boosted Boards (an electric longboard), Radinn (an electric wakeboard), Surface 604 Element (an electric add-on for your bike...for the lazy 😜), and Airebike Airwheel X3 (a self-balancing, electric unicycle). What's spurring this trend?
Ben Forman
Ben Forman@thebengineer · Co-Founder, ZBoard
@joshconstine @rrhoover Heyo - ZBoard Co-Founder Ben here. IMO this trend of "Rideables" is the result of a few things: 1) Car ownership going down. City living going up. There is a ton of data on this. Bike ownership, car sharing, Uber - lots of products that help people get around a city without a car are seeing massive growth. 2) The rise of crowdfunding Since we ran our first Kickstarter project back in 2012 there have been 10+ electric skateboards on Kickstarter not to mention a handful of awesome scooters, rocket skates, and more. 3) Ali Baba growing into a beast Ali Baba makes it so much easier for hobbyists to take their one-off projects and look at volume pricing for certain parts like motors and motors. 4) Drones taking off The massive growth of the DIY and off-the-shelf drone industries have driven the quality of Lithium batteries up and prices down. The Rideables industry greatly benefits from this. I may be drinking the kool-aid but in general I think this industry is just scratching the surface. These products are going to be so good in five years - I can't wait to see them.
Kumar Thangudu
Kumar ThanguduPro@datarade · Technologist
@joshconstine @rrhoover The real products here are symptoms of electrical engineering innovation and the beauty of Moore's law. What's crazy is that this growth took place while cargo ships decreased from 25 knots to 14 knots to save fuel within the past 5 years. I have no idea how Ali-baba is able to supply motors at such a quick rate. It's nuts.
Jonathan Cordeau
Jonathan Cordeau@jonathancordeau · Founder, AcceptOn
Riding a ZBoard is plain awesome. The feedback you get from using your weight to go/stop is more intuitive and analogous to riding a regular skateboard. You don't get the same feedback from other "remote" controlled boards. The new ZBoard 2 is also a huge step up. It's considerably lighter, has a sleeker design and the weight sensing pads are larger and more sensitive.
John Clover
John Clover@radiofreejohn · Customer Success Lead at Heap
Does anyone have experience with these? How much easier (or harder) are the weight sensing boards to control versus ones controlled with a manual throttle/brake?
Jared Scheel
Jared Scheel@jscheel · Co-founder of Populr.me and TouchStream
@radiofreejohn I'm terrible on skateboard, and riding the zboard is easy. It's super fun and has almost no learning curve at all.
Ben Forman
Ben Forman@thebengineer · Co-Founder, ZBoard
@radiofreejohn Check out this pretty funny video of a bunch of first time skateboarders trying the ZBoard out. They picked it up pretty quick!
Ben Forman
Ben Forman@thebengineer · Co-Founder, ZBoard
I'm curious - what would your ideal "Rideable" vehicle look like? What kind of specs would it have?
Tim Chae
Tim Chae@tchae · Partner @ 500 Startups
i've rode both the ZB1 and had the opportunity to ride the new generation a couple weeks ago. HOLY CRAP it is honestly the best thing ever. I finally purchased one after riding the ZB2. honestly cannot wait for it to arrive.
Ben Forman
Ben Forman@thebengineer · Co-Founder, ZBoard
@tchae Good to hear from you! You we're absolutely flying in Vegas. I was a bit worried at first but I had forgotten that you were a Pro on Z1. You're going to love Z2.