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Design and sell 3D printed goods in your own Shopify store

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I think this is a super interesting company in the 3D printing space. The guys over at Zazzy have created a platform where anyone can design and sell their own 3D printed products. They started of with jewelry but are offering more types of products now (like phone cases). Time to start a PH store on Shopify @rrhoover? ;) cc @bentossell @Nivo0o0
@bramk to be clear, the items in the Product Hunt store on this site are not actually from us 😛 When clicking "Create it yourself" I get a 404 Error 😟
@bentossell @bramk I know haha, think it can be a nice addition ;)
@bentossell the 404 is fixed now for me Ben :)
@bramk 404 fixed for me too! Yay! Yeah I was just making it clear so everyone else knows haha
Thanks for hunting us @bramk! We’re happy to launch Zazzy’s first online shop integration with Shopify today! We’re already the go-to marketplace where anyone can design and sell their own 3D printed jewelry and to their (social media) followers. With 60.000 people having already created 300.000+ items, we’re now moving beyond jewelry, offering more possibilities for custom 3D printed accessories and goods. Think key-chains, (gaming) figurines and phone cases. If you want to sell your own designs to your follower base, then Zazzy is the place to do it. To make this even easier we’ve integrated our platform with Shopify, enabling 175,000+ paid Shopify shop owners to essentially dropship their own 3D printed goods through their existing shops. Now, fashionistas, bloggers, students, and creatives can design their own jewelry and other goods, create their own brand and sell to their online audience through Zazzy, on Shopify. If you want to sell your own custom 3D printed goods just can install the Zazzy app from the Shopify appstore ( to get started. Would love to hear your thoughts, I’m around all day! :)
Woah! Been a while since I've seen someone use Chickabiddies! :D Cool concept as well!
Love what these guys are doing!
@gert_jan this is great! love it, i have 2 questions. As a client i was thinking in a sunglass brand, how could we work together? i only have to submit the design to zazzy and then i printe it? as a supplier for example i have a 3D printer can i work with zazzy to printe your products for you, or your costumers? cheers
@jrdbacosta Thanks! We are not really doing sunglasses right now (that is a pretty hard product to make), but in general this is the case yes, you submit a design and we take care of production & fulfilment. On the supplier side we currently work with a small group of printers to fulfil the orders, but of course when we grow we also want to expand our printer base.