Design and sell your own 3D printed jewelry

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Gert Jan Spriensma
Gert Jan SpriensmaMaker@gert_jan · CEO, Zazzy
Hi Product Hunt! We're happy to answer any questions about what we're doing. Try our simple webtool and launch your first 3D-printed accessories in 5 minutes! We have build a new platform that aims to cut 3D modelling and production out of the 3D printing equation, so everybody can be part of it. Product Hunters that help us have a chance to win one of these hipster approved 3D printed Product Hunt cufflinks in Stainless Steel. Just share your campaign on twitter using the hashtag #ph and your feedback. We also wrote a medium post to share why we started Zazzy in the first place and why we are so excited about this new platform.
TuriphroMaker@turiphro · CTO, Zazzy
As a cool addition, the tool also works with real drawings: just make a photo while following the flow on your mobile phone :)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
@turiphro that's awesome!
Raul Riera
Raul Riera@raulriera · I make things
Pretty great product, a lot of people spend hours crafting their designs by hand. This would not only save a lot of time but will allow them to mass produce them 👌
Wouter van Lent
Wouter van Lent@woutervanlent · Founder
Great progress since your Pioneers Amsterdam presentation! Love the site and the possibilities, good luck and keep rocking!
Gert Jan Spriensma
Gert Jan SpriensmaMaker@gert_jan · CEO, Zazzy
Mike Murchison
Mike MurchisonHiring@mimurchison · Cofounder of Ada (
Love the approach of entering the 3D printing business with a focus on something people actually understand: jewelry. With so many potential applications, most 3D printing marketplaces seem to suffer from not having a clear use case. Nice job guys :)
Gert Jan Spriensma
Gert Jan SpriensmaMaker@gert_jan · CEO, Zazzy
@mimurchison Thanks! That has always been our main goal from the beginning! Besides we wanted to make it possible for everybody to engage with 3D printing, and I think the current flow can be used by almost anybody.
Katrina Engelsted
Katrina Engelsted@katrography · integrations, geo, js, mortgage, AI
Just what I have been looking for!
Gert Jan Spriensma
Gert Jan SpriensmaMaker@gert_jan · CEO, Zazzy
@mappingkat cool! Let me know if you have any feedback.