Open source launcher, an alternative to Alfred

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I'm the author of Zazu and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.
@blainesch why did you build it? What don't you like about Alfred? Thoughts on Google Quick Search or Quicksilver (the original launcher, also open source).
@chrismessina thanks for the comment Chris. I wanted plugins to be first class citizens. If you don't like the built-in calculator in Alfred, you end up needing to use a prefix to access it. It has been quite a while since I tried Quick Silver, but at the time I had trouble getting it setup the way I like, such as copying the calculator result to my clipboard, which feels more intuitive. I also like it being cross platform, I often switch between Mac and Ubuntu and not having consistent behavior make's using multiple platforms more difficult.
@blainesch got it, cool. Have you seen Nimble?
@blainesch Nice product! I'm using Alfred on my Mac and I'll try Zazu. On my job (Windows) I can't write on "Program Files (x64)". Is there a workarount to select another directory? I don't have admin privileges.
@blainesch How is Zazu different to other launchers which are open source or created using electron such as Hain or Wox
@ishu3101 Looks like both Hain and Wox are windows specific. zazu works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Plus, zazu seems to treat everything as a plugin. So even the core functionality can be replaced or tweaked as per your needs. Seems more flexible than the alternatives.
GUYS IT'S OPEN SOURCE AND CROSS-PLATFORM!!!! (meaning free and anyone can extend it). It has the potential to be the de-facto launcher! Let's all reap the rewards here. Maybe some of us don't like to throw away money like you do -.-
For those who use Gnome shell, you should combine it with this plugin: Because right now, if you Alt+Space more than once, the "Zazu is ready" notification popups instead of the actual bar.
A true Alfred alternative that works on Windows? Man, I'm excited. I've been disappointed by the lack of quality launcher on Windows. Sure, there's Launchy and Wox. But come on, they're a million miles behind Alfred. I practically gave up on finding a true Windows alternative to Alfred, but now there's this. Thanks @blainesch for giving me hope.