Zarget 2.0

New age conversion rate optimization software for websites.

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On the product side, they now have an additional module - Funnel analysis. This has changed Zarget from an A/B testing & Heatmaps tool to a complete CRO software. Their dynamic heatmaps module which helps in tracking dynamic and interactive elements on the page comes with an additional Scrollmaps feature. Have integrated Google analytics with their A/B testing. This feature allows users to view in-depth GA metrics for each of their variations. Zarget claims to be the only tool in the market to provide A/B testing, Heatmaps and Funnel analysis together making it a complete CRO software.
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What are the big updates since the previous launch here?
@bentossell We have added some important new features and did some major enhancements to our existing ones. Some of them include, - Funnel Analysis - You can find out where your visitors drop-off from the website using our easy-to-configure interface. It is also possible to track virtual pages in FA. - Scrollmaps - With our simple and elegant tool, it is now possible to visualize and map your visitors interactions and how deep your visitors scroll using Scrollmaps. - Consolidated Heatmaps & Clickmaps - With this new feature, it is now possible to view the aggregated heatmap/click activity across pages. This would be super useful for ECommerce companies which has template based pages. - With Google Universal Analytics integration, you can view metrics of each variation alongside GA. - View Heatmaps on the fly - It is now possible to view the heatmaps for your website right on the page using the shortcut "Ctrl + Shfit + h" - We have also made some huge improvements to the Zarget UI, making it simple, elegant and clean for better user experience. Organizations looking to optimize their website and improve their conversion rates have had to rely on different modules like A/B testing, Heatmaps/Clickmaps/Scrollmaps, Funnel Analysis etc., For this, they need to buy separate licenses from multiple vendors with lesser integrations At Zarget, we eliminate this pain point by offering all these modules in single product with tighter integration making it a complete CRO suite.
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