New age A/B testing & heatmap software using chrome extn.

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Zarget introduces the industry’s first one-click optimizer for websites. A/B testing - instantly on the website, no more loading heavy pages. Optimize any page instantly without having to load it into another tool/website. Use the ‘Simple self-service visual editor’ to quickly create variants without dependency. Split URL - Have multiple variations of pages designed and ready? Just upload the URLS of the landing pages and the split Url testing will direct the traffic to those variations and allows you to test it in a jiffy. This is pretty similar to A/B testing except the fact that you create your own landing pages in Split url testing. Heatmaps and Clickmaps - Know where your visitors are clicking and where they are not. Track your visitor’s footprints on your webpages and gain in-depth insights on their behaviour. Targeting - Reach out to a specific target group for a custom visitor experience.You can choose to experiment on one segment of visitors at one time. For example, social media traffic, mobile traffic, referral traffic and similar. This helps you focus on that segment and understand them better. Zarget Reports- The dashboard provides reports and graphs, based on the variants, goals and segments. It gives you complete information on how each variant improved conversions, to what extent and more.
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@kwdinc Thanks a lot for hunting us Kevin.
Yay, real application in a chrome extension :) That's what I'm trying to do too, currently, this feels largely unexplored and full of potential. Oh, and making A/B testing that easy is pretty cool too :)
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@oelmekki Yeah.. Very rightly said. We want to change the way A/B testing is done. Instead of following the conventional method to A/B test the pages, we came up with an industry first Chrome extension to A/B test the pages on the fly without any hassle. The chrome plugin opened an ocean of possibilities in website optimization. Stay Tuned.
@oelmekki Thanks for the comment.. One of the main reasons for us to come up with the Chrome Extension to optimize the pages is , to make it easier for the users to A/B test the pages *right* on their website without having to juggle between different tools. We started off with Chrome, as it is absolutely fast and is the most preferred browser across the world.
Hi , I am Arvind Parthiban, CEO of Zarget. Website optimization is a tough job. Let’s take a look at the current scenario: The marketer first has to upload the page into the tool. He might as well have a couple of coffees and answer his mail while the page loads. To put it blatantly, we are still stuck with the routine that was followed when website optimization was introduced. Without an incredible innovation, there is no disruption in this daily grind. Zarget is a Website Optimization tool with new age A/B testing and HeatMaps solutions, which helps increase your website conversions . We have changed the way A/B testing is being done by marketers for good. We are happy to announce the industry first browser plugin which will completely revolutionize the way website optimization is done so far. Don’t take my word for it check out the features and benefits at a glance. Some cool things you can do with Zarget Don’t load your website into the application , start optimizing right away on your browser with the first of a kind plugin. No more adding the script in every page you optimize, just add once in the head tag and you are good to go for the whole website No more creating multiple split url testing for the whole website change, just use our Regex Split testing and A/B Test multiple pages at the same time without a single piece of code. Still using snapshots to view the heatmap reports , track your visitor’s click live on your website and make the changes real time. Optimize beyond login screens without risking any security vulnerabilities. For more info, feel free to DM me @arvindparthiban
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thanks for the hunt @kwdinc. will check this out, seems very cool @arvindparthiban
Awesome Product Video guys! Using a Chrome Extension is just brilliant. I tried out a simple experiment and the experience was top class. Makes the editing dead simple and enjoyable. If you improve the tutorials a bit then it would be seriously amazing. Maybe an interactive guide that shows a demo could help. But seriously, amazing job. So proud of such products coming out of India :) Brilliant @arvindparthiban @contactnaveen
@aditya_shirole Thanks Aditya. Yes we are working on tutorials including help articles, overview video and how-to videos as well. Stay tuned!!
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