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Hey all, Zaption co-founder here. It's cool to see Zaption on Product Hunt, since I didn't think this community would get into education-technology. Quick product summary: Zaption makes video learning better by allowing teachers/trainers to quickly take existing video online (YouTube, Vimeo, etc), add quizzes/slides/discussions, and send them to their students. The teacher gets back detailed analytics on how the students watched and how they responded to questions. The idea is to make students more engaged to improve learning outcomes, and give teachers the data they need to improve instruction. We've been trying to make video learning better since 2012 (my personal background includes the Thiel Fellowship and open-source Mac study app SelfControl). Almost three years later, customers include the University of California, ASU Online, Northwestern, and a number of school districts. And we have some lovely investors supporting us. Any questions please ask!
Video is booming. Every day billions of videos are being watched by us. Youtube and youtube player is an industry standard for video viewing. But, there are lots of different needs while watching video.I like zaption, because, They add a new layer to youtube videos and they transform a video player into a learning tool. They do not compete with youtube, they make youtube experience better for learning aims. There are dozens of other segments with the same approach. "video player for kids" "video player for shopping" "video player for real-time events" "video player for note taking" etc. All of these segments can create a new startups easily. By the way, Zaption was chosen the most innovative startup list by Fastcompany. I believe, they have a sustainable growth and monetization model.
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They closed in 2016