code generator for Node.js, Ruby, Swift, Java, PHP & more

"Make me an app!"

"Zapp! You're an app!"

ZappJS makes coding fun.

How It Works

1. Spec out your logic

2. Choose code generators

3. Zapp your frontend and backend applications to life

4. Repeat

Build anything. Use for any language. Keep up-to-date. Stay DRY. Sleep well.

Available online and for download on macOS, Windows and Linux.

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✨ Hello Hunters and Makers! ✨ For several years, I've been working on a tool that aims to be the most enjoyable development experience ever. Today I'm extremely excited to share ZappJS with the world! By combining code generation and spec-driven development, ZappJS enables you to build frontend and backend applications at lightning speed — and with higher accuracy. Features include: - Write specs to describe how your application works - Use code generators to implement your code (and worry less about syntax) - Create your own generators to decide what your code looks like - Combine code generators to make your perfect stack - Generate code over and over again — beyond project scaffolding and boilerplate code - Run generated code on your own dev environment - Make it easier to follow standards - Future proof your code - Language agnostic Please don't hesitate to ask questions here or via email: Thank you so much for checking us out!
@zappjs @studiotate Can you share any projects you've used zapp with, are there any blogs with guides of using zapp?
@zappjs @msny_36 Some examples can be found here: You can find some documentation here: I'll be posting some blog posts tonight and will share them here. Thanks for asking!
@zappjs @msny_36 Hi again. Just published a blog that walks through the app. Please check it out. Thanks!
@studiotate This looks like a useful tool given the feathers and react integration but the spec and generator section of the documentation is a bit too basic. Will check out the blog post for sure when you have it up.
@francisco_ramos Thanks for the feedback! I've been working on more help resources (guides, videos and API reference). Should be ready soon. In the meantime, here is a new blog post:
@studiotate, this is amazing. Would appreciate a walktrough though.
@cleavatron Thank you! Please check out this new blog post. More to come :)
@studiotate Woah! This is unbelievable, great work. Read through your walkthrough but I think I'll need to dedicate some more time to this to understand it completely.
@ianissoawesome Thanks for reading! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions along the way.