Lightning-fast, cross-platform bookmarks.

Zapmarks are custom keywords, used to get you right to your favorite websites. For example, set up 'pizza' to take you directly to the order screen of your favorite pizza parlor, or 'weather' to take you directly to your favorite weather radar.
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Thanks for checking out Zapmarks! I created this product for myself first and foremost but I am hoping other people find it as useful as I do. I am a developer by day and jump from device to device and browser to browser. I hated having all of my bookmarks tied to one or the other so I created Zapmarks! Also, being a small business owner, I wear many hats and have lots of different accounts for everything. It's great coming up with a keyword in your head and knowing it will take you directly to what you want it to. For example, I have many Google Drive accounts for different things, I have 'drive' set up to go to my personal Google Drive and 'drive2' goes to my business Google Drive. Since I know this and have built that muscle-memory, I can get directly to exactly what I need very efficiently! Here are a few other Zapmarks I use frequently, as examples... vzw = Verizon Wireless Account budget = Google Drive Personal Budget Sheet qb = QuickBooks Online bank = Online Banking fbm = Facebook Messenger en = Evernote gh = GitHub I have lots planned for Zapmarks! Give it a shot and let me know if you have any questions!
The coolest thing I've ever seen this years. Keep up man!
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