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why not trello??
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@douglasevaristo Or even Pipedrive? This really feels like a very specific and unnecessary niching of a solved problem.
Good question @douglasevaristo! Before setting up Zapflow, I was a potential customer myself and was using Trello and had tried various tools (inc. Pipedrive, Podio, etc). Since none of them are made for investor workflow, they all lack crucial features. As a real customer, I saw the business opportunity and quit my job to pursue it :) Vis-a-vis Trello, there are e.g. reporting issues, data sharing issues, email syncing issues, lack of web-forms, transaction management and communication with target & portfolio companies which make Trello a subobtimal tool. However, since Trello is a great tool for many purposes, we actually support integration with it!
Good question @marccrouch! PIpedrive is great - I love it! Comparing any CRM to Zapflow is like comparing apples and oranges, however. As a real customer, I tried Pipedrive too (among many others) to manage my deals but due to shortcomings I decided to make a tool that I would've liked to have. In other words, if you're looking to sell something => go for Pipedrive but if you're a professional investors (VC, PE, M&A or CVC) you should definitely consider Zapflow.
@mikk0_p What are the shortcomings? From the videos you've posted here I haven't seen anything that Pipedrive can't do.
Thanks @marccrouch! Videos posted here are a small subset of all features but they still contain many crucial features (for our customers) not seen in ordinary CRMs. If you look at the videos closely, you'll see multiple irrelevant features for an ordinary CRM and hence they're not there in Pipedrive (at the last time I checked). Here's a few examples from a long list of features: guest access rights to individual cases, concept of cases reactivating after pass time has elapsed, case ratings, interrelated cases, advanced tagging, tracking pass reasons & metrics etc. etc If you're an investor, I'd be happy to give you a personal tour to discuss more :).
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