Remove backgrounds fast & easily with just a few clicks.

ZapBG is a brand-new background removal tool based on AI and ML algorithm that will help you remove background from your graphic assets at speed!
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I'd like to try its performance before committing to it, but I am not a fan of "pay first, then you can ask for a refund manually" method. Wish you had some sort of a "free preview" (with watermarks or low resolution images if needed) or "single credit" options for trial purposes
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@burakg I completely agree with you - there are no tech specs as well, which makes me even more hesitant to pay to try it out. There are also no examples showing hair edges (which doesn't perform very well in) and simple stock image backgrounds used in their case studies...
@burakg @hellotosamuel both of you are right, and we hope to release another iteration of the platform with watermark testing, and subscription plans soon, just opt in to the waiting list at the bottom of the page. This first launch is just the early stages for us, many people recognize us from our other product from previous launches, hence why people jump in on this particular deal.
@omar_farook cool thanks for clarifying! will definitely check it out as the app evolves.
What’s up guys! Harun Rashid here, co-founder of ZapBG ⚡ We have been really excited about this launch for a while now. ZapBG is a background remover tool, built using AI and ML technology. It consists of 2 removal processes. 1. Auto-AI object detection: Automatic removal with 1 click using AI 2. Manual smart brush stoke algorithms: Use a few brush strokes to mark the area you want to keep vs the area you want to remove. This is our first iteration of the tool that brings to you a well rounded base functionality, but we have a very ambitious roadmap ahead! 🚗 Some items in the works include: scapel tool, refined edges, advance hair selection and more.
 In fact within 12 months we are releasing Video Background Removal and Bulk Image Processing 📹. We even have plugins and integrations currently being built for Photoshop, Shopify, Wordpress, Figma and more! Applications are also open for our Early API Adopters. We built ZapBG with users of all types of backgrounds in mind: marketers, designers, entrepreneurs, agencies, grandmas 👵 and the list goes on! Anyone can easily remove backgrounds of images with just a few clicks. Hence, you can see the slick wrapper around our tool that gives us that global appeal and simplifies the experience to its very core. We are confident experts will love it, and dummy's will adore it! 💙
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Amazing tool, quick fast and efficient, amazing people too @Harry and @Lazar
@rediahila Thanks mate! Looking forward to seeing you on our platform!
This product always will be relevant) GL for release!
@harry_rashid Do you have an API that I can use to remove backgrounds from images?