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Product Hunt! I know what you're thinking, ANOTHER business card app. Sure, in a world where a horse is a car. - Single sign in with LinkedIn or Twitter - Customize your business card based on themes (new themes every week) - Flick your card to anyone within arms reach - We remembers when and where you met new people - You get slick meeting recaps so you can continue the conversation online - Works with or without an internet connection, even if the recipient doesn’t have the app via sms, email, social et al. Start Zapping!
@tipeveryday Hey , anyway to test it? It's not in Spanish store.
Thanks for saving me from having to make this.
This is awesome. I really enjoy the integration with simple text messages.
After playing around with Zap I was pretty damn impressed with the information they dig up from the web on the people you connect with. The recap emails are really well put together!
thanks @brandonwaselnuk - we think you're really well put together.
I use Android so I can't really test this. Curious, Does this require both people to use Zap? Does Zap still have utilities if it is just one person?
@sidazhang 1/We have an android build, it just needs polishing. 3 weeks out 2/If you want to send your card to a recipient that does not have the app we use the iOS share sheet to send a deeplink (through any app with share sheet integration). The recipient is prompted to download the app and receive the card --->
@sidazhang @tipeveryday why not make it so the other person didn't need download the app to see the card but they could still see where it came from, ie. hotmail when it launched. If get this, I might be like I don't want to download another app and not save the contact at all. Love to hear your thoughts. Congrats on the launch!
@tipeveryday I wish you could make it so that I don't need to download the app to get the contact. I think that actually reduces the utility of this app. Because as result, I am less likely to use Zap because I don't want to have to force everybody else to have to download Zap.
@vivekmgeorge @sidazhang we've thought about this a lot. There are ups and downs to it and a few potential security breaches of information. We've thought about using a combination of programmatic screenshot with a .vcf file (works on ios and Android). This would eliminate the need for the recipient to have the app (it will however reduce the value of all the stuff we do in the background like meeting recaps and links to social channels to continue the relationship online). If you solve this problem treating business card 2.0 as if it's a feature parity replacement of the business card then you can never 10x the value and replace the incumbent. The value of “zapping” someone is what happens afterward. We give you insights into what the sender has been saying online, recap the meeting via detailed email notification and help you further the connection in the days following. Let me know what you think about this.
@tipeveryday I wrote a thoughtful, two paragraph response (twice). Unfortunately if you touch tab or command (or some combo) while writing a comment you lose it. I can't do it again so if you want to chat I be happy provide some additional feedback via a more traditional communication - or 917-515-2432.