Deepfake app that lets you faceswap with celebrities

I heard about Zao through the news. It has caused some data and privacy concerns among users. It's now been banned by WeChat in China.
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Curious to hear if anyone in the community played around with this before it got banned by WeChat, and other news broke out around privacy concerns. I wonder if in the future we'll have fake phones to let us play with next photo sharing tech without worrying about the privacy consequences.
Hmm... looks like a Morphin competitor... but Chinese?
@chrismessina ooh yes suppose so!
@chrismessina not even close, Morphin uses 3d characters and the end result is animation, this seamlessly replaces faces. its like saying Taxi services have been just like Uber all along. Similar, yet entirely different.
Privacy concern? Oh,This is China. When you upload a photo. It is default to share it with your friend. You friend can use it to make videos and stickers.
Hear me out, what if we didn't do this.