A selfie micro drone that flies itself

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These guys have raised a pretty hefty amount of money for this so far on Kickstarter, and the campaign hasn't been going for long. I think it's a pretty good price for what it is!
@riaface just what the world needs... ;)
@riaface I added this to CrowdLoot yesterday without seeing that it was a selfie drone... sometimes I skim projects a bit quickly. What I did think was awesome about this one though is that it swarms. I can imagine having like 5 of these following a cyclist as he completes the tour de france, taking shots from multiple angles.
@rossdcurrie @lovecpstyle I think we should take the word 'selfie' with a grain of salt here - like Ross said, think more tracking cyclists (and canoeists, as per the Kickstarter page), and less 'but first, let me take a selfie' :)