Cloud based phone solution for startups and SMEs

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Hi Everyone! Our team has been working on this project for over 1.5 years now. With ZANG you can buy one or multiple local numbers in more than 24 different countries, set up your number with a greeting message and add extensions (call forwarding, voicemail, fax, and announcement) all within seconds. You can view all features of this service via: The iOS is available in: The Android version will be coming out early March 2016. Would love any questions or feedback. Thanks for checking us out!
@ali_g Interested to learn how this compares to which is what I currently use. Does it offer international calling? Switch is great and it works natively with my Obihai desk phone.
@ali_g interesting. There seem to be a lot of startups in this space (Burner, Grasshopper, Genuinely curious: why is ZANG the best?
@samgimbel @itsthisjustin Hi Guys. This is actually a very good question. There is a huge difference between ZANG and these services. The difference is in our approach. We've tried to give the option to add extensions and greeting message to your number, very similar to what PBXs give you. So what does this mean? The user case would be something like this: You buy a number from ZANG for Populace. You setup the number so that any customer who dials your number would hear "Hi, Welcome to Populace, Please dial 1 for Management, dial 2 to support, 3 to leave us a message and 4 to send us a fax". You would than set extensions 1 and 2 to call forwarding, 3 to voicemail and 4 to fax. Let's no forget that you can buy multiple numbers from multiple locations as well. This would come in handy if you have multiple branches. Hope this help :)