Compare pricing and timing estimates for Uber, Lyft and more

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Asher Snyder
Asher Snyder@asherraph · Founder, Mesh Labs Inc.
Haven't used it yet, but this is something I've been hoping would come out for a while. All other apps like this don't follow the natural workflow, whereas this does. This allows me to enter where I am, my destination and then see time and estimates for each, while others just give you time, or an estimated hourly rate. I haven't tried it yet, but please make sure to include things like Lyft Line, and then don't forget Line also has the 1 min and 10 min options in some localities, where 10 min further reduces the price. Similarly, UberPool is very useful for some unusually low fixed prices. For example, a trip to Long Island from Brooklyn may run you about $45 fixed whereas Lyft doesn't go there, and Gett and Car services charge $80+. Good job overall, will let you know my experience.
Kanchana Vivek
Kanchana Vivek Maker@kanch_mv · Zailoo
@asherraph - Thanks for the detailed feedback! It does include Lyft Line and good pointer on the 1 min and 10 min options. Here it goes on to the features list!
Kanchana Vivek
Kanchana Vivek Maker@kanch_mv · Zailoo
Thanks for featuring us in Product Hunt. Founder @zailoo_team here ! Zailoo was set up to relieve the pain point of having to go to different apps to compare prices /get the fastest ride. It also does deeplinking to the corresponding app, so users don't have to click on multiple apps to check on the price or request a ride. Working on adding features to "Request a Ride" from the app itself. Will be open for any feedback!
RAJAN ANNADURAI@rajanannadurai · founder
Good job Kanchana! Great concept
Kanchana Vivek
Kanchana Vivek Maker@kanch_mv · Zailoo
@rajanannadurai - Thanks @rajanannadurai ! Please let us know if you have any feedback!