Z-Money Pro

Online personal finance accounting system

Z-Money is Online Personal Finance Accounting System to help users better control expenses, increase assets and decrease debts, discover effective ways to grow income and optimize overall cash flow.

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The only reason I wouldn't give this is a shot is having to manually input the transaction data. If you added a way (Zapier?) to import a .csv with that data, I'd be a starter.
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@gary_elley Thank you for your feedback. Will think about.
Hi Everyone, We are excited to share Z-Money with ProductHunt. Core advantage is extended reporting system with the following powerful reports: - Account Statement; - Income and Expenses By Date and Day; - Account Transfer; - Income VS Expenses; - Transactions By Categories; - Transactions By Payers and Payees. Will appreciate your questions or comments.
Dashboard looks cool. But menu with lots of options looks a bit scared.
@sergiy_myrko Thank you for your feedback. What exactly is scared in menu?
@oleg_golubets The number of reports in submenu Reporting for example. I think I may a bit lost having so wide range of reports, IMHO. I'm not a financial expert. What kind of customer your product is actually?
@sergiy_myrko Domestic housholds and small business. The more criteries you are able to analize the more chances to optimize cash flow. Threfore there is a variety of reports :) I consider this raither strength than weakness. :)
Will it has budgeting feature?
@sergiy_myrko There is calendar with expected income and expenses. What functionality you mean under budgeting. If you show the example, may be I implement it. Thank you.
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@oleg_golubets It might be interesting, at least for me ), when I'm able to define how much money I plan to spend this months per each cost category. And visualize the actual state to determine deviation between budget and actual.
@sergiy_myrko You can try the system. Its free.
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