Yuppi Spaces

Colloborative group spaces for friends & fans

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Yuppi is a place where you create and join spaces for friends, family, team, community or fans.
Join PH Community Space: http://c.yuppi.co/PFSq/ekbOfwnN3w
Yuppi is a private or public space for you, family, team and friends. Yuppi is designed for it.
I like the idea but the problem is that just 30% of my friends have iOS.
@lailo_ch we're working on android and it will be released soon 😉
So this is like a Facebook Group right?
@cemedericarak no, it's not like anything you have tried specialy the way you express your self with anyone you want privately or publicly. Yuppi is a space where people express them selfs in the way they want too.