Yugo Ridesharing

World's simplest ride sharing. Zero fees. πŸš™

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Hey Product Hunters! We just released Yugo, a simple ride share management tool that can seamlessly handle everything from vetting and confirming riders to payment collection and sharing beautifully on social media! And did I mention zero fees? Take our inaugural ride from Product Hunt to the World at: https://rideyugo.com/ride/10 πŸ˜»πŸ‘‰πŸŒŽ Show us some love! ❀️
@ujzeee Looks awesome, love that it's built on Laravel but you might want to set your debug to production and handle errors with like 404 redirects to avoid those: https://rideyugo.com/ride/9, https://rideyugo.com/test
@wsyms Thanks! And wow thanks for the heads up too; we've been testing the whole night and completely missed that!
Thanks everyone for checking us out! Really excited to see Yugo in action and can't wait to see where you (all) go with it :)
Love the name haha!