YubiKey NEO

Hardware-based authentication

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The YubiKey combines hardware-based authentication and public key cryptography to eliminate account takeovers. Simply tap the YubiKey NEO to your NFC enabled device or insert into a USB-A slot and authenticate with a touch. YubiKey does not require a battery nor network connectivity so it is always on and accessible.

Martin Bratteng
James Robert DeVore
Sam Campbell
  • James Robert DeVore
    James Robert DeVoreSoftware Engineer, Seagate Technology

    Easy to Use and Easy to Configure



    Have used YubiKey NEO and NANO for almost 2 years now. Reliable, consistent, and easy to integrate into your current environment

    James Robert DeVore has used this product for one year.
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هاني ابو دنيا
Lee Qixian
Lee Qixian@swiftpolar · Full-stack Developer
How does the new Google Titan compare to this?
Nicholas Putz
Nicholas Putz@nickmke · VP of Marketing in Milwaukee
I have this. It's great!