File sharing service for temporary and non-important files

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Anuj Adhiya
Anuj AdhiyaHunter@anujadhiya · Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
You can set expiration times for shared links in Drobox too - if you're a pro/biz user - which I'm not and clearly a lot of people aren't. But even at that, you still have to remember to delete the files.
David Chase
David Chase@davidchase03 · Developer
To me this reminds me of i like the fact you can specify length of time to temp store on Yttr.
Daniel Sarsi Orta
Daniel Sarsi OrtaMaker@danielsarsi
Thanks for the support! Yttr was created with the simple idea of sharing temporary files without the bureaucracy of existing services. Any feedback is appreciated. :)
Daniel Sarsi Orta
Daniel Sarsi OrtaMaker@danielsarsi
By the way, there's some "easter eggs": • Press "Z" to compress your file while uploading; • Paste some text on the homepage. Very useful for sharing code snippets.