The necessary toolkit for content creators on YouTube

YTRCP offers tools that help boost Productivity of Content Creators, Tools such as

Random Giveaway Comment Picker, Realtime Subscriber Count and Thumbnail Explorer all in one Single Website presented Beautifully. It's almost 3x faster than The Older Versions of YTRCP and other alternatives available on the web.

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13 Reviews5.0/5

First of all, I LOVE the thumbnail explorer! Often, you create a thumbnail on your computer and then have to export it to your phone to put it on Instagram, or other purely mobile sites, for marketing and promotion, but with thumbnail explorer, I can easily grab any of my videos thumbnails without access to my computer!

I thoroughly tested the random comment picker, works like a charm... Always wondered how people picked comments. This lifts all the emotional weight of picking someone in your audience.

The realtime sub count gives you more information than just a single # (subs), but gives you some basic information, such as total videos uploaded and total video views.

Seriously, this site is fast as hell!


Interface matches YouTube (perfect for YT creators (myself)), very quick (lacks a database, purely session and api-based), creator-minded


Homepage (before login) is a bit odd, but works splendidly... It's just a little different than the norm, and I kinda like that.

Thanks for the Love Mate, It's good to see someone thoroughly using our Product!

Minimal Design , Easy To Use , Fast and Accurate


Stable , Fast , Accurate



Its user friendly and super fast .


Simple , MInimal , fast .



I mean, it's dank, what more can I say?


pretty dank


could always be more dank

how does it work?
@ayush_chandra First of all you have to login using your YouTube channel, then you get the option to choose a service like Random Comment Picker, Live Subscriber Count and Thumbnail Explorer. Once you do, just provide the details as mentioned on each service and boom there you go!