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Export real-time YouTube metrics to Google sheet πŸ“—

Just by pasting video ID/channel ID to a Google sheet, pull real-time metrics such as title, description, no of likes, dislikes, views, comments etc for videos and no of subscribers, videos etc for channels. Export metrics of all videos of a channel to sheet.
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Hi hunters πŸ‘‹, When I started experimenting with Google Apps Script with an intention to improve my link generator tool, I accidentally built this YouTube data fetching add-on. Features of YT Tracker ************************ ➀ Real-time metrics Be it a video/channel, exported metrics are real-time. ➀ Videos of channels YT Tracker can export all uploaded videos of any public channel. ➀ Fast Fast enough to pull 1000 YouTube videos data in ~57 seconds. ➀ Refresh on open Metrics are refreshed whenever you open the sheet. You can disable this if you want. ➀ Abbreviate count With an option to disable, you can abbreviate the numbers. ➀ Choose the metrics you want As of now YT Tracker supports following metrics, Videos: Title, Description, Channel Name, Channel ID, Published on, Thumbnail, Duration, Is Licensed, Is Live now, Live Viewers, Live Start Time, Live End Time, Live Scheduled Start Time, Live Scheduled End Time, Caption Available, Tags, # of views, # of likes, # of dislikes, # of comments. Channels: Title, Description, Published on, Thumbnail, # of videos, # of views, # of subscribers. Thank you for your interest in YT Tracker. If you have any questions, suggestions please leave a comment. I'm more than happy to reply it all!
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Quite useful for YouTubers
This seems very useful, but also hard to justify $40 when a small python script gets you most of the way there
@tombielecki thanks for the comment! It is $39/year so hardly ~$3/month. I will continue to add new features and fix bugs.
Just woooow. You have not idea how useful this is for me, great job !!!