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YT Music

An unofficial Mac app for YouTube Music


YT Music is a Mac app wrapper for music.youtube.com

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Tech Guy

What can i say, use it and enjoy - thanks the developer for the perfect job.




Not that i know

Keyboard play and pause functionality is a little buggy sometimes. The album art in the notification is wrong too. There are a lot of people that are fixing these issues on github, but it seems the creator abandoned this project and hasn't pushed any updates in a while. It's a shame because this app has great potential.


Design is good. Works pretty well.


Buggy media keys, Not updated often.

I've been annoyed by the unstable streaming on YouTube website when playing music playlist. It sometimes stopped when playing the next song. Now I am excited to find this App that I can use on OSX. The UI is comfortable to use. The connection and streaming are more stable. As a normal software engineer, I really admire the author of this App! You are so excellent that you thought about solving the problem but I did not.. I've recommended this App to my friends!


It is stable to listen to YT Music with an App rather than on website.


The next/last song shortcuts does not work. (I use Macbook Pro with Apple keyboard)