The Newsletter For Young Professionals.

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Hey Product Hunters - We're launching a twice-a-week email newsletter for young professionals to help them get ahead in their career. We like to think it's something along the lines of The Wall Street Journal meets The Skimm. We wanted to try a couple of interesting things for the landing page: - Our all text page resembles and old-school copywriting letter and it's modeled after the Wall Street Journal letter, which is known as one of the best sales letters of all time. - We wanted to do an all-audio landing page which is a straight reading the homepage We excited to see which one people prefer and experiment with some crazier landing pages down the road too. Lastly, the newsletter launches when we hit 1000 Subscribers, so feel free to share with your friends and connections. These sorts of things are always more enjoyable when you have friends to talk about the content with. We're doing a small road-trip this weekend to kick off our interview series which will include interviews and advice from Forbes 30 Under 30 members. There's a sneak peak here: https://soundcloud.com/ypinsider/
Hi Mitch, will there be a chance for young professionals to submit questions ahead of time for future interviews, or maybe a live segment during future interviews for questions?
@williamcferg We're definitely thinking about it :). We'll probably test that out by asking our followers on twitter and go from there. Ideally, we'd be able to livestream and record at once.
@mitchrobs @williamcferg I'd be a big fan of this too.
Hello Mitch, I'm a huge fan of the audio version of the page. Not enough people do that nowadays. Is the actual newsletter going to come with an audio copy as well?
@spencemcc We're definitely thinking about it! At the very least we have 5 minute audio interview with top young professionals every week.
@mitchrobs Wanna do it in Italian?
@ilbedussa absolutely! as soon as we grow our list big enough we're down!