YoWindow Weather

A living landscape that reflects your actual weather outside

Accurate and beautiful weather app. Animated landscapes and photos reflect actual weather.

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@repkin - I'm curious... I use the standard Apple weather app and don't ever feel like it is not enough... What pained you about weather apps these days that compelled you to create this? What makes this stand out from others in this market?
@bentossell The idea struck me 9 years ago when I was working at Borland corp as a java programmer. There was no Apple weather app. There was no even iPhone yet :) YoWindow has three distinct features from all the weather apps on the market. 1. You can scroll the time to the future. 2. The landscapes. They are not static pictures. Nor pre-shoot videos. They are small apps. They look and feel exactly as the weather outside. Under any weather, time and even season (we have 5 seasonal settings for each landscape). And the picture changes along with the nature at the given location. There are no landscapes in iOS Weather. The landscapes in Yahoo Weather are static. 3. Simple UI. Weather apps tend to show off everything they know about. Most people (80%) want to know the temperature and whether is it going to rain. Now, today and several days ahead. We put this information in front of the user. Everything else is optional.
So if it's raining out of the window - I have to look at rain on my screen too? :)
@alangarrec @bentossell No need to look. You will hear the rain. In stereo )
We are proud to be on PH. I want to share some free stuff with the community. First - license keys for YoWindow Unlimited on Windows and Mac. Grab them: http://yowindow.com/giveaway_spe... Second - YoWindow for Android promo codes. They convert free app into full version removing the ads. To redeem a code go to YoWindow Settings/Advanced/Redeem code. o1bsiffp ihmwmnon zmeilekj xkam3576 opq7s8f7 wlcjqcpq cktdnrns 9pdkcsmj zh1k1zla jm4ohujn 63v4bi3z up1xroor cxsxelma 3j66qkhn sk1trwfw zvf7a7te p5d7rfs4 d97h69l5 x2zksyos o8cr6gm6 Enjoy the weather!
@repkin Wow this is amazing! I'm a sucker for a good weather app 🌞 Thanks Pavel!
Guys, I wonder, what would you change in YoWindow? The idea behind YoWindow was simple. Who needs a weather app? Just look out the window! It is so natural and precise. We pumped up the window - added weather forecast. Added beautiful animated landscapes. And the simple, but useful UI. Turned out people love the idea. YoWindow is doing great - 1.5 million downloads overall with 4.6 rate. There's no other weather app that presents the weather this way. We want to scale up. I'm looking for investor connections. I'll be visiting @4YFN_MWC at Barcelona this February. Look for a guy in umbrella hat ) Niv, thank you so much for hunting us down.
This is not your typical weather app. The graphics make it feel like you're in a video came, but you're scrolling through the weather. It's very intuitive because you end up thinking about the weather in the same way you would without a weather app: looking out the window and seeing if it's sunny. Except that it kind of feels like your scrolling through the future πŸ˜€ YoWindow Weather is available on iOS, Android, Windows/Mac, and there's a Chrome Extension. The maker @repkin will be here to answer questions so ask away!
@repkin Looks really cool! Can I use my own graphics or photo as YoWindow background? :)
@flighthack You can! On Windows and Mac if you may cut out the sky from the photo. We will replace the original sky with live sky with real cloud coverage, Sun and Moon. The result picture looks fantastic under ANY weather conditions. Look at this:
@repkin Nice! This live sky picture is available on mobile as well?
@flighthack the work is in progress. We are focused on making a super simple technique to remove the sky from any photo. Going to be available by the new year.