Upload videos to YouTube from your iPhone

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Hello ProductHunt, I am the maker of YouUpload, a small app that lets you upload videos to YouTube from all your iOS devices. I am also vlogging occasionally and want to upload my videos from my iPad Pro (my main computing device). I struggled quite a bit doing so, because there are basically two options on how to upload from iOS: Safari and YouTube app. Uploading YouTube videos from Safari is not working very well, it is aborting uploads or fails to load the video. It is also always redirecting you to the YouTube app, thanks to universal links. The YouTube app itself can only upload videos from the camera roll, not from a document provider like Dropbox or Transmit. My app solves both problems as you can import videos from all document providers, the camera roll and even iTunes (remember when that was a thing in 2008?). You can then choose a title, description and some tags and choose which privacy setting it should use for the upload. It runs in the background for up to ten minutes and is optimised for iPhone 6 (S) Plus landscape and iPad Pro split view. Let me know if you have any questions, Piet. PS: I know this is probably not the next unicorn, but it solves a problem some people have very well.
@pietbrauer It solves your problem, right? It's the most important point! :)