Extends YouTube to organize education

The best way to organize education by tutorials from Youtube.

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Extends the functionality of YouTube: adds the opportunity for collecting playlists as courses, tracking the progress of training, recommend relative courses.

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Hello everybody. Now available version 4.0.0. Sorry for confuse with 4.0.1 and 4.0.0 - it's all new dashboard for Chrome extension. I continue to work on synchronization between the devices and unlocking the whole work. Unfortunately, this takes a very long time, which does not exist. In the meantime, I added a few pages to orient new and experienced users. Check out and
Future plans: - Add cloud sync between browsers; - Add 'Recommended courses' with search and filters; - Make extension speaks many languages; - Dynamic switch on / off YoutubeTutor; - Improved design; If you any propose or issue write to use with the title 'YoutubeTutor';
Hey to all, am happy to inform you about a new version of YoutubeTutor v1.0.2. This version fixed styles for dark theme of Youtube and add new possibility go to an active lesson without going to a course page. Also, now available for details about our Chrome extension.
I am glad to inform you that the YoutubeTutor has been updated to version 1.0.3. In this version, the design is improved and it is now convenient to work in both light and dark versions of Youtube. The work with DOM is also optimized. Now we are working on 'Recommend List' to make your surfing on Youtube more useful and users don't give time to search the best of tutorials.
Hey to all, am happy to inform you about a new version of YoutubeTutor v1.1.1. This version fixed `a private video in playlist` issue. YouTubeTutor doesn't add private videos to a course. Also added the opportunity to add playlist as a course to YouTubeTutor from the video page on Youtube. Check out a tweet to see how it looks.