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Post videos from YouTube to Instagram

YT to IG allows you to post videos straight from YouTube to Instagram in just a few clicks.
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cool, but i think it will be used to steal content...
Hey everyone, So I was in a situation a while ago when I wanted to post a clip I had uploaded to YouTube in the past to my Instagram account. To my surprise, this was quite a laborious task. The only way I could do this is to use a tool to download the video clip in a format that works for Instagram, manually send it to my phone and then post it. I thought surely there must be a better way of doing this. To be honest, I sort of assumed there would already be tools doing this, as there are a plethora of "convert to" sites. Anyway, if this is something I would find useful, maybe a few others would as well. So here it is! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Jamie
$12 a month.
@androidlove Hey Carlos. Thanks for checking out the tool :) Yes the Pro version of the product is $12 a month. Although you can go ahead and post videos for free if you don't require the Pro features :)
@androidlove @downeastcakes Not really, lets say I only need to upload a couple of videos a month. I understand you need to make a profit but that's a bit much - nearly the cost of a standard Netflix subscription. I would do a tiered, based on actual consumption.
Nice idea and landing page. But, I put a YT link in and got back an error (looks like a 403) with a full stack trace printed to the browser (including server side source code & environment variables) which could become a security issue. I think you're using Laravel so you probably need to set APP_ENV to production in your env vars
@pauljohncleary Doh! Thanks so much for pointing that out, I've turned off the error report in production. Now to try and figure out why it's giving a 403.
Great tool! Are you planning to make this working for IGTV too?
@pregenun Thanks John, glad you like it! Yes, the ability to post to IGTV and Stories are definitely on the road map!