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  • Will HawkinsOwner, Digital Business

    It does make links to YouTube videos on Facebook look much better and more appealing.


    When I paste a YouTube link into the 'paste your YouTube link' into the field, a spammy tab opens up. This feels like a dodgy site, sadly.

    This is a good idea let down by spammy side effects.

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Ben FoxMaker@benjaminefox · Co-Founder, FlowPress
Hey Product Hunters! I’m Ben, Co-Founder of FlowPress, creators of YT2FB (YouTube 2 Facebook). We're really excited to launch YT2FB today! If you want to share YouTube links on Facebook then you know it will get a smaller, uglier preview and much less real estate than if the video is natively uploaded to Facebook. YT2FB is a super simple app that takes care of this. Your YouTube links will get the same amount of real estate and the same beautiful preview that Facebook video links get. Just paste your YouTube link into, click Convert, and share your new unique link on Facebook! Currently we are working on adding the ability to: create Custom Thumbnails; Custom Titles; Custom Descriptions; Shared Analytics; and more. If you'd like to request more features or have any questions, hit us with your feedback :)
Orest Nazarewycz@orestnazar · Developer, Desiger, Wearer of all hats
Have you given any thought to how this might affect YouTube content creators and the current issue with people freebooting YouTube videos to Facebook?
Ben FoxMaker@benjaminefox · Co-Founder, FlowPress
@orestnazar to be honest, we didn't get that deep. We said "hey, posting lonk to FB from YT currently sucks" and @mariodabek said "I think I can solve that quickly." When he did, we decided to make it free to get feedback. So let me ask do you think it will affect the Freetoobing issue?
Orest Nazarewycz@orestnazar · Developer, Desiger, Wearer of all hats
@benjaminefox @mariodabek The issue comes when a user who does not own a youtube video and re-uploads it to Facebook which effectively steals views away from the content creator. For people trying to make a living creating content for Youtube this has become a really big issue unfortunately. Here is a really good link describing the issue using Reddit as an example.
Just something to keep in mind. Seems like a nice tool though.
Ben FoxMaker@benjaminefox · Co-Founder, FlowPress
@orestnazar @mariodabek With our tool, the originally linked YouTube video gets the play credit. The video is not uploaded to Facebook. So unless the poster is re-uploading content to YouTube first and then posting to FB using YT2FB, the original content creator will get the benefit.
Rhys@rhysmohun · Director of Marketing at Roadmunk
Super cool. Takes two seconds to improve visibility.
Greg Baroth@gbaroth · Founder, Monogram Artists
great idea. but doesn't work. Facebook throttles this even more than a youtube link. (i would imagine because youtube is at least a some what trusted source to them) and your "yt2fb" link is so new. I ran two tests, on pages with over 300,000 likes (and pretty good engagement) my engagement was 2,000 impressions, 19 likes, and 3 comments. on the other, i got 5,000 impressions, 5 comments, and 30 likes.
Robin Good@robingood · Publisher of T5
@benjaminefox: what's your thinking on this?
Ben FoxMaker@benjaminefox · Co-Founder, FlowPress
@gbaroth @robingood it's an interesting set of stats and thank you for sharing them. Our intention here was to put out a quick MVP and see what happened. Now that we're seeing this as part of the feedback and results, we can try to address it. Obviously, if we can't improve on tbis then YT2FB may have to remain a free tool that does something cool for the odd funny post. If we can improve those results though...LOOK OUT! Also FYI we just pushed v2 which includes native playback so no more redirects to YouTube. That may help.
Robin Good@robingood · Publisher of T5
@benjaminefox @gbaroth Some Matteo Flora from Italy claims that your tool effect will be flattened soon because it breaks Facebook TOS. Is there any truth in what he claims?
Andrei Arkhanguelski@arkhanguelski · Co-Founder, Crowdlinker
Great job, guys! It would be awesome though if you could get rid of the in-between screen (, which appears for a split second.
Ben FoxMaker@benjaminefox · Co-Founder, FlowPress
@arkhanguelski Thanks. We'll take a look at that. Might be a server resource issue. Edit: We've addressed this @arkhanguelski, should be much better now.
Greg Baroth@gbaroth · Founder, Monogram Artists