YouTube Time Tracker

Minimalistic Chrome extension that tracks time on Youtube

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 31, 2019

YouTube™ Time Tracker is an open source Chrome Extension that tracks time you watch Youtube.

Unlike other extensions it doesn't track anything but time and keeps data only inside your browser.

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Hi Product Hunters 👋 My name is Anatoli, I'm a software engineer from Berlin. ⏰ One of my new year resolutions for 2019 is to be mindful about my time online. And so far Youtube has been the biggest rabbit hole. I often watch lectures and conference talks, but you know this moment when Youtube recommends you something interesting. You wake up after couple of hours watching about Wim Hof method, details of Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, "exercises that will keep you fit only in 7 minutes a day" etc etc. ☝ IMO it's not bad at all, there's no need to be judgmental or even negative about it. I just believe that if I keep track of time it'll be much easier to avoid falling in the loop. 😊 That's my motivation for making YouTube™ Time Tracker. ✉️ Looking forward to your feedback! P.S. Source code is available on Github, any contribution is much appreciated 🖖
@makaroni4 did a great job!
Sweet, I really want this for Firefox!

YouTube... owns me for the last couple of years. I want to know how, exactly


Super simple (as in: doesn't store all the data somewhere in the cloud) and open source — I don't have to sacrifice privacy


No firefox extension yet

Keep it up :)


I watch two much be nice to track it


Seems to track time when videos are not playing and not current tab

Hi @mrsimonbennett, thanks a lot for the review! Atm it works only when tab with Youtube is active. If you're listening to music it won't track time. Otherwise I'd have 6-8 hours per day 😄