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Discover your true income potential as a YouTuber

Working at Sellfy we’ve seen so many brilliant YouTubers that just don’t realise their full income potential. Ad revenue is just a tip of an iceberg compared to other ways they could be monetizing their videos. Such as selling their own products for example.

We created a tool that shows revenue estimate based of few thousands of shops on YouTube.

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Hey Hunters 👋 Over the last week, we’ve built a fun tool that helps YouTubers see their true revenue potential. We aggregated data from a few thousands of shops on YouTube to show how creating and selling your own products can be 10x-15x more profitable than relying solely on advertising revenue. Current version shows data for potential ad revenue and product sales revenue. Let me know if you would like to see any additional information or insights!
@igityan_hayarpy @marisdagis Agreed! Especially with the talk of demonetization that happened earlier this year
@igityan_hayarpy @lanre__akin exactly, we see a lot of traction on Youtube right. Selling products not only replaces ad revenue but provides 10x returns
I wish my channel earned what it estimated lol 💸
Simple and efficient!