YouTube Rabbit Hole

Remove YouTube recommendations, comments, and more

This extension allows you to take control of your time and reduce distractions while browsing YouTube by hiding recommendations, comments (and live chats)
, trending/subscriptions pages
, end walls, and banner ads. These options are heavily customizable!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Nice! Need the same for Safari
@skibitsky and FireFox please!!!
@skibitsky Hell yea! I don't use chrome and only use Safari at home.
@skibitsky @anna_0x There's one already called DF Youtube for firefox
@skibitsky @anna_0x @atulpradhananga I'll look into this. Have you used it?
@skibitsky @atulpradhananga whoa, thanks for letting me know! Just installed it, seems to work well so far (like, 2 minutes :P )
@anthonydbaa23 and disable the dislike button please
Sweet, just what I was looking for! Gonna try it out and return with feedback :)
Please port it to Safari.
I'm liking this new trend of extensions that just shave off the unnecessary and bad parts of sites.