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Bring Youtube's mini player from the app to

Hello! I made this because it's one of my favorite features of the iPhone app—literally changed how I use YouTube—and I was curious about how it would translate to a browser. It's been two years since the feature came out on mobile and I was surprised that it hadn't been ported to yet. I started wondering why—was it superfluous? An awkward interaction? Not how people want to use the site? Somehow counterproductive to some goal or metric? Just not a priority since browser tabs are good enough? So I decided to take a stab at it myself to see how it feels. Personally, I find myself constantly opening new tabs and queueing up videos (especially songs) halfway through other videos, so I've liked the change so far. With the large browsing real estate of a browser, It kind of feels like lightweight transient playlist support (Right-click --> "Play Next") is a natural next step. Would be better than YT's playlists for for binge watching streaks or impromptu DJing. It's still rough around the edges, but I'd love to hear what you think (bug reports are especially appreciated) :) The plan is to clean it up and put it on github. Cheers.
@pommalicious Thanks a lot Willy (sarcasm)! My productivity is about to go right down the toilet now. Because I will have a Youtube video on every tab now. haha j/k This does look really cool. I can't wait to become more unproductive;-)
@pommalicious Wow, this is great! Any chance of supporting Safari too?
@pommalicious Thank you so much! I have been thinking the same thing for a while 👏
Wow this is amazing. I was always wondering why YouTube didn't make this extension themselves. Are you planning on implementing auto minimize when you scroll down? That would be sick!
@whoisnatelam I was about to suggest the same thing!
Woah, looks amazing, saw a similar extension but this seems to be done way better. Works good, I only wish it worked while having "Youtube Center" enabled :( Keep it up!
Amazing Chrome extension, working well for me. This makes navigating for more videos while watching existing one. To further enhance it, I would love to see the following integrated: make the PIP video work even if I goto other tabs in Chrome and have the video player at the bottom right side of the screen.
@pommalicious This is super neat! I can search thru videos while previewing them quickly. No more gazillion tabs on my chrome. But, because I'm so used to those swipe interactions on iPhone, I keep getting this urge to drag the video to the left to get rid of it. Still, I love this and can't wait for YouTube to implement something similar asap. Thanks for the great execution! 😁