YouTube Party Playlist

Play videos in sync with your friends and vote on next video

YouTube Party Playlist is a free browser extension to help you:
- Play videos in sync with your friends.
- Vote on your favorite videos. The video with the most votes plays next.
- Listen to music with your friends or colleagues, and collaborate on a playlist.
Also available for Firefox 🦊
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What a cool idea!
Hi Hunters and makers! It's Friday and it's time for the weekly virtual drinks with friends and coworkers! But how are you gonna listen to music together in the virtual realm? That was the question that made me create the YouTube Party Playlist extension (aka. The Co-Vid extension). Use it to make a shared playlist on YouTube where everyone can add songs (videos) and vote on the next one to be played. The songs are kept in perfect sync so you can vibe along together. See how it works in this video I created while developing it : I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you think of any features you would like to see. Best Christopher Ps. Feel free to drop your invite-link in the comments if you create a party. I'll come to say hi 😁
@christopher_dengso Hi Christopher. Congratulations on the product launch. I am creating a resource material for founders & entrepreneurs where I am interviewing different entrepreneurs and makers on their product launches. This will be read by upcoming founders who are planning to launch their product and this also will add an additional stream of awareness for your product as well. I was wondering if you would like to share your experience as well. Here is the link
Amazing product! Now we all can do Iso party at home ✨🎉
Sweet idea! Bringing music to our homes!
This extension is so cool - party at home, away from your friends, but with your friends! Co-Vid is such a good name 😎 Keep it up!
@ioana_vladau Haha maybe I should change the name to that 🤔