Youtube Notch Mode

Bring the magic of the iPhone X’s new display to YouTube

Youtube Notch Mode is a chrome extension that adds the ugly, black cut out seen at the top of the iPhone X to every Youtube video. Why? Because it's more beautiful.

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LOL! Well played. 👏🏼
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looks like someone didn't watch the keynote ;)
@thomas_einwaller I did... what am I missing? This is exactly what would happen, no?
@thomas_einwaller @tarungangwani No. This is not what will happen. You can view the video without the notch covering the video. Let's give the designers at Apple a little more support than thinking they'd force a cutout in all videos.
@thomas_einwaller @tarungangwani @theleovogel Leo, I think this extension is meant to emulate how it would look like to watch a video on an iPhone X screen as opposed to demonstrate that videos filmed on an iPhone X will have a 'notch' cut out imposed on them.
@thomas_einwaller @theleovogel @thecoppinger Thank you. Apple's HIG deliberately states to design for the notch, not around it. Apps cannot emulate a black bar. I suspect over time Apple will allow people to shrink video and photos, like they allow people to "zoom" letterbox videos. The long game is to have all of this under the screen. Typical Apple -- ship the future even if people (and the ecosystem) isn't ready, in order to force the issue.
@thomas_einwaller @theleovogel @thecoppinger here STS provides the render: Shrink the video to 4.7" diagonal (getting an iPhone 8 sized screen for media), or accept the notch.

People sure love to whine about a lot of things, but whining about "the notch" is especially whiney. This product is worthless.




Only killing it can improve it.

Nice! :) Can we have a similar app that adds the cut to our entire laptop screens?
Just in case before you folks believe this is what videos on iPhone X are going to look like: that is actually an optional view. The YouTube aspect ratio is 16:9, which is ~1.78. The iPhone X screen ratio is ~2.1653 (2435/1125), large enough that by default video is letter-boxed such that it avoids the notch.
@anant90 So why does Apple show videos and photos that appear to be cut off by the notch?
@tarungangwani It's an optional view. Only if you double tap on a YouTube video, it will zoom up and fill up the screen (like it does with letter-boxed videos even today). Check out: (Start at 2:49)