YouTube Live on Webcam allows you to livestream with just a couple of clicks. Just head over to or click on “Go live” in the YouTube header to start your stream. You don’t need any additional streaming software or extra set up. This feature is available on Chrome, and expanding to more browsers soon.

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Woot woot! and Congrats @lavrusik on the launch...
@adamhirsch Thanks man, hope all's well!
Do they have the live feature on mobile? (I know this is specifically for the Webcam)
@lamaalrajih yup, we also have a way to go live from iOS and Android devices.
@lavrusik do you think that users will prefer Webcam over a dslr setup, or was this product designed for on the go type of livestreams (hotel rooms, etc). The YouTube esthetic is to film with a dslr as much as possible. I'm not a creator on YouTube myself, but it's there a way to him up a dslr and do a live video?
Interesting - looking forward to seeing how "open" this platform will grow to be in terms of devices/platforms/and especially developer tools/APIs! 2 concerns that I'm sure someone already thought of: 1) I fully expect to see this become Youtube's version of AMAs - probably sans "reddiquette" enforcement 🤔 2) What's the plan to avoid the FB Live launch story (streams of suicides/etc.?)
Congrats, Vadim. Looking forward to trying it out. All good wishes! //Sree//
@sree Thanks Sree!