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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I know several parents that ban YouTube or nervously monitor their children's viewing consumption because it hosts a lot of inappropriate content for kids. This is a logical step.
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Ray HernandezCreative Director - Product Maker - Dad
This is great for my kids, but more for me. My kids constantly share videos on youtube to my facebook and twitter, and my "what to watch" is constantly kids shows.
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Jesse BoyesCofounder, Here
This is so good - and hopefully it means I can stop hiding the iPad while the 50 Shades of Grey trailer plays through before Elmo videos. :)
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Ouriel OhayonZenGo.com / CEO
best idea launched by youtube since the launch of youtube.
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Erik TorenbergFormer Product Hunt
We've seen a few video products for kids - namely Hopster.TV - curious what led to this? http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
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