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Being released today in a few hours hopefully! :-)
@h1brd Tips: Download the Android app to access the web version :-)
Impressed with this so far. The video is smooth and looks great. I love that they offer transcoding and DVR functionality to all streamers, where Twitch only offers transcoding to 'partnered' streamers.
YouTube Gaming excels in some places, but falls behind in others; for example, Twitch does a better job at surfacing new users who stream, compared to YouTube Gaming which feels like it props up already popular gaming channels.
So this is a lot less interesting now that I've heard from some Twitch streamers. Almost all I've heard from is avoiding this platform based on the TOS, especially when it comes to music & how YouTube handles streams. For example, if you're playing GTA5 with the in-game radio on, YouTube will kill your stream within 5 minutes (no mute, no warning, straight kill shot). Not off to a hot start with the folks who really count.
@xmcgraw this isn't true. At least not the norm. I've been streaming on YouTube for over a month and never has this happened even though in music sometimes is copyrighted.
I've been streaming on YouTube Gaming for over a month during the beta and the platform is top notch.