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New ones keep popping up and also stop working after a while. Difficult for such a product to stay in the game!
@rahulvarshneya Yes, but youtube-dl is open source, plus its highly starred on GitHub. Its very likely that if something broke with it, someone is going to fix it.
@AsadDhamani Sure do hope so, as it's tiring to constantly replace such products! :)
you can also take a look at http://leaf.fm/app , it doesn't download but lets u stream youtube music stuff in a beautiful ui for iOS. it's an experiment we ran :)
This project is awesome for "watch it later" or just when you're on flaky wifi and don't want to get stuck buffering every three seconds. Use 'pip install youtube-dl' if you're already set up for Python development — and you can use it in your own code just as easily, although features like batch downloading are already accessible through the CLI.
I've been using youtube-dl for some time, and it's great.
Love that this works with almost any video website.