YouTube Director

Create polished video ads right from your phone


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Mani Karthik
@manikarthik · Just a curious guy.
Only on the iPhone? Whaaaaat??
@stephentbiz · Founder & CEO @Flipmass
So needed. I just created an intro video to our business all done on my iPhone. I was guided through a simple step by step process that took less than 3 minutes. There are obviously extra steps we could take as far as editing. But in regard to just getting a video up immediately with very amateur editing skills, this was a breeze. Create Video > Publis… See more
Brandon Giesing
@bgiesing39 · Owner, Pravox Networks
"The YouTube Director app is currently only available for iPhone in the US and Canada. Coming soon to Android." Damn it Google!!! *shakes fist*
This is a really smart move. Removes the friction and fear from creating ads for regular people.