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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt

More on TechCrunch by @anthonyha.
Rodrigo Reis — Software Engineer
@rrhoover @anthonyha very cool! Youtube is basically generating demand for their paid advertising.. very smart.
Alexandre Mouriec — Student @ENIB_INFO & Writer @Stuffi_fr
@rrhoover @anthonyha Realllly Interesting !! The way YouTube makes video creation easier is a great thing for everyone,and in this case for businesses. Look forward to try it on Android.
Phil 'dm' Campbell — head of geekery
@rodrigoreis22 @rrhoover @anthonyha at least if your in america. .. dislike it when apps come out not for your region, what is this DVD all over again?! :)
Hope Atina —
@rrhoover @anthonyha you know it's a good video when you get that warm fuzzy feeling at the end.
Unni Krishnan — Eventifier
@rrhoover @anthonyha this looks very interesting
Jay Chang — Entrepreneur, Product Venture Consultant
@rrhoover @anthonyha Interesting they started with iOS (though could understand why) given it's a google product haha
Robleh Jama — Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
@rrhoover @anthonyha Verrrrry innnteresting! *It's also iPhone only for now*

Here's a playlist with some sample ads -
Mohit Gangrade — Founder @getgrowthfuel
@rrhoover @anthonyha Looks really awesome in the video.
Mani Karthik — Just a curious guy.
Only on the iPhone? Whaaaaat??
Reony T — Designer & EV Advocate
@manikarthik yeah that's weird. What happened to Android exclusives recently
Mani Karthik — Just a curious guy.
@reot004 :( Not cool Google, Not cool.
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