YouTube Decade

Watch the most viewed videos posted exactly 10 years ago

Some of the greatest YouTube videos were posted a decade ago. Rewatch and remember some of these classics as they turn exactly 10 years old. Updated everyday.
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Cool idea. How does it find the most popular videos from a certain day? I thought youtube didn't save stats like that.
@hi_im_donglu Used the YouTube Data API, search for videos before midnight on a certain date and after 12:00 am. Running the API without any actual search term ordered by viewcount gives the most viewed videos in a certain category. I get those results and compile them into my own json file, e.g. /data/2019_8_26.json, and serve that to visitors.
Big nostalgia points. Love it, looks like a great way to reexperience the old.
Hey, sounds nice! Youк website currently looks a little rough, but otherwise the idea is great! Keep it up
I like the idea, as the others suggested try to improve the interface. Not sure if you can get this data through the YT data API, But i think some folks would pay money to watch videos published in certain date (Eg, a news organization want to see video published in the date that Mr.XYZ won the election in Romania in year 2012 or something like that).