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YouTube Classified( collect, classify, and update all that YouTube has to offer. If you are a YouTube newbie who don’t quite know what channels to subscribe, this is a great way explore where all your interests lie. If you are a YouTube master, you can share your favorite channels here while finding out more channels you love.

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Mike Alexander@dot_mike · Growth Hacker
hmm, maybe create feedly for video - youtube, netflix etc ? i watch only youtube and over +100 channel, youtube feed is sucks :/
Ettore Tortora@ettoretortora · UI/UX Designer
@dot_mike You can already use feedly for youtube video I think but yeah, a proper platform for that would be cool.
@dot_mike I've recently be experimenting with subscribing to youtube channels via RSS feed in Inoreader and then using Inoreader's powerful filters to remove all the channel content I don't want to see. So far it's been working well. One less app to check.
Windson yangMaker@windsonyang1
@dot_mike Hi, I also wanna show the newest videos under the category. So If I wanna only watch computer science tutorial today. I can just go into the category. Any ideas?
Windson yangMaker@windsonyang1
@theleovogel How about show the newest videos under that category, So user can focus on what they wanna watch today?
Mike Alexander@dot_mike · Growth Hacker
@windsonyang1 pm on twitter please.
Windson yangMaker@windsonyang1
Hi, everyone, We are using new domain now, please visit instead!
Windson yangMaker@windsonyang1
feel free to follow our twitter @youtubeclassifi
Ash Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager
Pretty cool. Good job!
Vivek Sancheti@evivz · Co-Founder CryptoGround.Com
@windson yang is the site down now?
Windson yangMaker@windsonyang1
@windson @evivz no, we now use new domain. please visit instead!