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Brayan Cruces C.
Brayan Cruces C.@brayancrayon · Web Developer
Awesome. Saludos desde Lima, Perú.
Johnathan Nader
Johnathan NaderMaker@nadermx · Founder Yout
Hello Hunters! There are way too many things going on in YouTube and we didn't want or need half of them. There is so much good music in this world, yet it is really hard to find, unless you search endlessly. Ontop of this, there was a lack of ability to search for playlists curated by the community that allowed you to set the mood of what you wanted to listen too. So after wasting endless amount of hours @lou_alcala_hurtado decided it was time to fix this problem. Consequently, I was tired of listening to @lou_alcala_hurtado complain, so I decided to pitch in. Hence Youtly was born. It is a playlists community and a music discoverer web application. The timeline is the most shared playlists, and then you have the ability to save your own playlists. The purpose of it was to keep life simple, listen to good music, and simply set the mood.. Let us know what you love and hate about it, hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!
Anna Sidoti
Anna Sidoti@3libras · Copywriter
@nadermx @lou_alcala_hurtado Hi! good job, when someone gives music the right place on the internet it always make me happy! Nice idea, I just tried your website and wanted to create a playlist, but unfortunately I did not find the songs I was looking for, with no chance to scroll down endlessly as a youtube search query. Is it your choice? :) Thanks again!
Johnathan Nader
Johnathan NaderMaker@nadermx · Founder Yout
@3libras @lou_alcala_hurtado great suggestion. We will ad it in
Johnathan Nader
Johnathan NaderMaker@nadermx · Founder Yout
@3libras @lou_alcala_hurtado Gone ahead and fixed this! Thank you!