Develop self-discipline, without using an app.

Develop self-discipline. Without using an app.
πŸ“ Offline habit-building tracker.
Choose your daily routines. We'll generate a PDF for you to print out for free. Make yourself accountable in minutes.
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How do you develop daily routines and self-discipline without using an app? I wanted an offline habit-building tracker, so I built one πŸš€ Meet Youtine /juˈtin/ ➑️ Make yourself accountable, without using an app. Why? πŸ€” Habit will sustain you. Whether you're inspired or not. How? πŸ“ You simply add daily routines and habits you want to develop or maintain, and we'll immediately generate a PDF for you to download, print, and start tracking your daily progress. What (kind of habits)? 🧘 πŸ“– βœοΈπŸƒ I've added more than 150 different habits, and I'm excited to add more, just let me know what kind of habits and routines you are trying to develop and maintain. Free πŸ’Έ Oh, did I mention that it's free? Join the mailing list for updates when new habits are added and get a reminder to generate your monthly tracker for next month.
@norah_klintberg_sakal love this. I was thinking about building something like this myself. As an idea it would be cool to release this as high quality printable posters that you can basically customise then have sent to you and put on your wall. I'm a sucker for being more motivated when the "tools" to track are shiny and nice (same principle why Molekine works I guess)
@jasondainter Thank you so much for your feedback and amazing suggestions Jason. I can't believe I haven't thought of prints since I love posters but will definitely look into it. As you mentioned, it helps even more with the motivation and will look even better on your wall after some redesign. Were you missing any habits/routines that I can add to the app? Thanks again, I truly appreciate your feedback and thoughts.
this is great! I hate that habits are always tracked via iphone apps bc one of the habits I want is to not touch my phone!! Maybe some customization features would be nice? It'd be cool to play with fonts for eg
@nomdeplume818 Thank you so much for your feedback! 🌟 That's exactly what I wanted to achieve and using my phone less is also one of the habits I'm trying to develop. Customization features are on the way, thanks for suggesting that. Just let me know if there are any other features you'd like to see πŸ’«
Thank for making Youtine!! Love it!
@beingsanjeevs Thank you so much Sanjeev. Super happy that you like it! ✨
Love this @norah_klintberg_sakal - congrats on launching it! Sometimes apps can just be an additional distraction and there's nothing better than pen and paper. Loved how seamless the process of creating the PDF was!
@jameslidotcom Thank you so much for trying it out! Truly appreciate your feedback James.
This is actually pretty neat! Just printed mine!
@edisonjoao6871 I'm so glad you like it, thank you for trying it out Edison! Let me know if I missed any habits and I'm happy to add new ones 🌟