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Le'Lou Alcalá Hurtado
Le'Lou Alcalá HurtadoHunter@deleted-419390 · App Developer
Hello ProduntHunt, the good things came in small packages! The highway I follow to create something worth millions have led me create this application I hope you enjoy the same way as me. After releasing my first Chrome Extension, that allows you to search, play and record your favorites youtube videos; I decided to get a new challenge, create a small (and hopefully useful) extension that allows you to create playlists, save them and share them without removing the features of my first extension. This is the first step of a huge list of applications that I love to create in my free time, please follow me on my twitter at @lou_alcala if you are interested in support me, punch me in the face because you find a bug, or just to say hello. *If you find some bugs, please be patience. Enjoy my new chrome extension that allows you to create and share your playlists, also play and record your favorite youtube videos! Awesome, isn't it? This chrome extension allows you to find YouTube videos, add them to a playlist and enjoy the simplicity of a YouTube player. Also, you can record the videos you like, do not forget that you can save your playlist.. I will add the functionality to save them in the cloud but I thing is good enough for now. Unfortunately YouTube does not allow me to play all their videos, so I tried to filter them so you can play all the videos you search, anyway, I love listing deep mouse mix songs, you try finding deep house and add them to the playlist.