Manage all your youtube tabs at one place!

With You-Taber 🀘, you can manage all your youtube tabs at one place. Play, Pause, Pe-Play, Close and go to next song remotely with a click!


Thanks for the community and the support πŸ™. You-Taber now has 300+ weekly users πŸ˜‡ Feel free to contact the me via




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Hi all, This is one of my #PetProjects 🐢. Manage all your youtube tabs at one place with ease! On the initial release, you can play, pause, go to next song and close the tabs within the extension pop-up. I built this extension coz I hate switching between tabs!
Thanks for fixing a problem that I didn't know I had! Really nice aesthetically, works perfectly.
thanks for the words, @hilltopchill. Anytime...
Hey, Nice chrome extension, will try it out in my daily routine. Why not putting a previous button as well ? could be cool when you want to repeat a previous song 😁 Nice work πŸ‘
Thanks for the feedback @sean_t! Even I need the previous and replay button πŸ˜‰. Replay should land in the next immediate release. Will update here once I release the next version. Technically the previous button needs some hack πŸ”± and can be expected in later versions!
@_gokatz Great ! Good to know your working on new features πŸ‘
@sean_t, you can now (v1.1.0 - latest) re-play a song dude... πŸ˜‰
@_gokatz Cool!! Well done mate πŸ‘Œ
Just downloaded the extension! Waiting to use it on my everyday life :)
@louise_colu waiting for your feedback πŸ˜‰