Explore user-generated immersive audio tours via your phone

YourTour enables anyone to create hyperlocal GPS-guided audiovisual tours via their phone in a matter of hours. Sync via Bluetooth for social exploring.

So Tour Creators enjoy no technological barriers and no geographic boundaries to tell the story they’ve always wanted, while Explorers enjoy the immersive experience of exploring with a local.

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Hey @craig_fitzgerald, What was your inspiration when creating this app?
@jacqvon Hey Jacqueline, thanks so much for your question! The inspiration actually started on the sidelines of one of our Co-Founders sons' football games! A conversation started with one of the other parents about the lack of easy-to-use, compelling digital options for exploring new cities, villages and places. After some research, it became clear that the digital audio tour options currently on the market all suffer from the same problem - not enough tours. What we found is that the barrier to entry for potential Tour Creators/Storytellers was extremely high; Not only was it incredibly expensive, but the desktop-based software was also very complicated to use. Up step YourTour. Our idea is to open up the accessibility of immersive tour creation to everybody with a smartphone - all they need is their knowledge. They can literally begin creating a tour immediately and have a quality, fully-functioning GPS-enabled tour within 48 hours – no monetary risks, and no need to learn how to use complicated computer software. The result for the Consumers (or Tour Explorers, as we like to call them), is a platform that allows them to enjoy the immersive, aural augmented reality experience of exploring with a local – on-demand. I hope I've answered your question and didn't ramble on too long! Please don't hesitate if you have any more, and it would be greatly appreciated if you had any feedback for us! :) Have a great day Craig
I'm currently in London so this is timely, @craig_fitzgerald. It's like a UGC version of Detour, a company @andrewmason started ~3 years ago.
@andrewmason @rrhoover Awesome! We have some great London-based tours already on the platform: One at Buckingham Palace, a couple around the river at South and North Bank, and one in Richmond (west London, very interesting if you haven't been before!) And yes, indeed it is. We want to open up the potential to create such tours to as many people as possible. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy your time in London.